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Company Overview

  • Company Info:

    Gatlin Solutions is a locally-owned and operated computer sales, network consulting and repair business serving Southwest Michigan, with a focus on delivering the best customer service possible.

  • Mission Statement:

    Our mission statement is simple: Provide the best quality customer service available, without sacrificing affordability. As we continue to grow the company into other related areas, we promise to not lose sight of this original vision. Each and every customer truly is the most important.

  • A few words from the owner:

    "I have spent 24 years working at all levels in the technology industry. After seeing first-hand how many companies are struggling to find quality information technology professionals who they can trust and count on, and how customer service was failing, as a result I decided to do something about it. Thus, Gatlin Solutions was born."

    -Jason Gatlin
    Owner, Gatlin Solutions

  • Customer Fixation:

    We respect our customers above all else and never forget they come to us by choice. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers' loyalty and trust. We listen and respond to our customers and seek to exceed their expectations.


We are committed to winning with integrity. We know trust is hard to win, and should never be taken for granted. Our aspiration is flawless execution and don't take shortcuts on quality. We seek the best talent and promote development. We are flexible and learn from our mistakes.

At Gatlin Solutions it is our goal to build a strong business ecosystem. We maintain very close relationships with our customers, vendors, and local business partners in order to ensure that we are in a position to provide the highest level of service. It is our goal everyday to produce ground breaking solutions for our clients and continually offer value added services. As we continue to evolve every day, Gatlin Solutions will continue to innovate and offer more and more solutions.  The business environment is changing rapidly and a great deal of that change is driven by technology.  Gatlin Solutions is your information technology resource.

Quality Pledge

Total Customer Satisfaction: Consistently meet or exceed customers' expectations by providing the highest levels of customer service along with products, services, and customer interaction.

Strong, mutually rewarding partnerships with customers and suppliers: We are committed to true partnering- Investing the time required to combine our knowledge for mutual benefit.

Open communication among stakeholders: Collaborative environment that fosters inclusion, individual empowerment, accountability, and professional development.

We are committed to true partnering. We know that we will never know as much about your business as you do, and it is likely you will never know as much about our core competencies as we do. Partnering with us means taking the time to combine our knowledge to meet your mission critical goals.

We will strive to pack your engagement with "epiphanies" - those moments when together we uncover new, smarter ways of creating new solutions or customizing our existing approaches to your needs.

We will place the success of your project above our profit model. We are convinced this makes good, long term business sense. When you see how hard we are willing to fight for success - it creates a long term relationship. We are striving for a repeat client rate higher than the industry average.

We will not compromise any ethical standard - ever.

We pledge extraordinary effort. We will customize and adapt our tools and approaches to get the best available solutions. A Central belief at Gatlin Solutions is to "go the extra mile."

  • Create client value.
  • Inspire trust by taking responsibility.
  • Act ethically and honest.
  • Every customer's experience is important to our growth.
  • Help our customers to get the highest quality products at affordable prices.
  • Empower our customers by providing knowledge of products and solutions.

Our Values

  • We take responsibility for quality
  • We deliver customer satisfaction
  • We provide leadership
  • We act with integrity in all we do
  • We value people
  • We live the company values
  • We focus on operating excellence
  • We listen to the customer
  • We communicate openly
  • We collaborate with cusotmer
  • We are organized
  • We are on time
  • We work dilligently


We will-

-Conduct ourselves with integrity and live our company values.

-Deliver superior performance.

-Foster an environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust.

In so doing, Gatlin Solutions will become our customers' partner of choice, providing skills and knowledge to bring our customers' objectives to completion.

The only way our company will grow and thrive is through the success of our customers.

-Jason Gatlin