Business Services

  • Consulting Services

    We have years of experience ranging from small business to large multi-national corporations and government. Let our experience work for you, whether you’re planning a network/server upgrade or rolling out new software, we have the experience necessary for a successful roll-out.

  • Desktop Support

    We are very responsive to your desktop needs and we are just a call or email away. We know if a desktop is down, productivity is lost. We can help make your technology and related services as transparent as possible to the users and customers.

  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)/ Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    Implementation of a SAN is a great way to migrate your company's data storage to a reliable, high speed, high performance environment. We can help you determine if a SAN or NAS is better suited for your business storage needs.

  • Document Management

    Business means paperwork and paperwork means storage. We can help bring your files under control with customized digital document solutions that will suit your needs for years to come.

  • Product Acquisition

    By using Gatlin Solutions for your major hardware and software purchases you are being provided with competitive prices and a quick response to make sure your technology product needs are always met.  Gatlin Solutions partners with the leading technology manufactures to ensure you get the best quality equipment for your business. When it comes to software most come with maintenance agreements, which expire after a short amount of time.  When software is added and there is numerous maintenance agreements to manage it can become cumbersome.   We can help; Gatlin Solutions will keep track of all your software licensing and agreements for you. We will then notify you when the maintenance agreement needs to be renewed and at that time we will re-evaluate your needs saving you time and money.

  • Strategic Consulting & Assessments

    Strategic consulting leverages technology to improve your overall business operations by cutting costs and increasing productivity, with the most complete solutions for technology planning & operations, network infrastructure, technical architecture and design & development. Assessments provide direction on IT planning, allowing for a customized and documented technical plan designed to meet your company's strategic needs with detailed, prioritized recommendations. Gatlin Solutions offers a variety of assessments including network, backup, storage, software, and security assessments.

Advanced Technology Services

  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery planning
  • Data Center Optimization
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Unified Communications

Gatlin Solutions focuses on maximizing your technology investment from initial assessment and configuration, through installation, lifecycle management, managed, and hosted services. Technology changes quickly - what is cutting edge today is often obsolete tomorrow. The ability to identify and integrate new applications requires a comprehensive strategy and knowledge, in addition to reliable support. The need to access, manage, store and share data and rich media files quickly taxes existing storage capacity and network capabilities, potentially interfering with system performance.

Escalating Total Cost of Ownership - Hardware and software acquisition account for only a small percentage of information technology budgets, with service and support requiring the lion's share. The ever-increasing complexity of information technology and the ongoing need to update and upgrade technology, as well as integrate it with existing applications; drives total cost of ownership (TCO) consistently higher.



Technology is an enabler to your businesses success. Period. It should work just like turning on your light switch or picking up the phone and getting a dial-tone. The reality is technology is complex and getting more complex as time goes on. You need a partner who will cut through the complexity and help ensure your businesses technology is adaptable, affordable, and meets the changing economic climate to stay competitive and profitable.

Most CEO's will tell you data is one of your most valuable business assets. Yet less than half of businesses are using data effectively. The trouble is you need to store it, protect it, get to it, and manage it - all of which are challenges. Gatlin Solutions provides solutions to help you harness your data's power and use it to operate more efficiently, mitigate risk, find ways to save costs, and retain customers- all benefiting your bottom-line.

Maximizing Technology

In today's business environment, technology is increasingly the lynchpin of any organization. From basic communication to cutting-edge technology solutions, going digital supports your commitment to delivering the highest quality customer support across your enterprise.